We adopted a dog. Her name is Dolly. She’s an akita, border collie, cattle dog mix. I think she’s part pterodactyl. Honestly, I’ve been wanting a a dog for a long time and at long last we live in a place that allows pets.

I’ve never really had a dog and have always been quite awkward around them. But this beast jumped right on me and licked my face until it wasn’t a choice to adopt her.

Dolly particularly enjoys licking my face every morning and biting at random objects like blankets, cushions, socks and air when she feels ignored. She likes to protect us from danger like showering, bicyclists, straight couples and delivery people. She made a delivery girl literally run away crying.

Every walk I take her on is me, podcasts or something off of this playlist. She loves chasing squirrels and smelling literally every flower. I catch up on calls and she defecates wherever she pleases before making it my responsibility. Which if you ask me is the ultimate power move.

On Friday, we had a very unique walk experience. I’m standing in front of the house in this patch of grass. Dolly is finding a spot to do her business. Some guy walks past, and Dolly barks (a single bark). I have my headphones on and I do my typical short apology. He keeps walking. Dolly barks one more time. I then hear him this time he says “Control your fucking dog”. At this point the guy is 20 yards down the block, Dolly is an arms length from me and she’s made two barks. No reason for that kind of aggression coming at me, I’ve already apologized. Not wanting to be disrespected, suddenly she breaks off from her leash and barrels towards him and he dashes off and she and I get in a tussle and with a few bribes of treats I get back inside the gate. There’s a feminist message in there somewhere and I am here for it.

I absolutely love having her in my life and I’m so glad my significant other and I decided to adopt her. Here’s hoping this summer is all about showing Dolly cool parks and getting her leash trained 🤞.